yesterday is weaving in and out

It is too late to be posting a blog entry.  I am defying my body’s need for rest for the sake of getting myself up to date on my photo journey.  Today: a brief and hardly thorough tour of Shoreline, WA.

First stop: Soon-to-be-not-under-construction Richmond Beach.


Distant mountain range and ferries not included due to a not cool camera

Next up: my trip back, I pass Hillwood Park, consisting of an open field, wooded play area, and plenty of places for Shoreline teens to drink and smoke, because they are obviously bad ass.

22jan2009Hillwood, where soccer moms and misunderstood teenagers come together

The reason I include this is because I barked with laughter – I really did – when I looked at the sign up close.  Parting is such sweet sorrow, Shoreline.


Do you know who has to clean that up?  Dagnabit kids.

And, finally, I come back to my house greeted by this team of miscreants:



20jan20091I had to wait while she settled to get this picture, because mere human presence is apparently exciting

You snore and whine and bark, but you are cute you little bastards.  I will miss you!

I will now include an incomplete list of important things I accomplished while in Seattle.

  1. Lived life all on my own
  2. Got the flu for the first time since elementary school
  3. Learned to slackline
  4. Bought a complete set of renaissance garb ($250)
  5. Lost my virginity
  6. Made cakes
  7. Hiked through temperate rain forest
  8. Became disillusioned with the “real world”

Not a bad start.


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