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ducks, wine, and kale

Today was lovely: first, a stop at the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in Woodinville, WA.  Upon entering, a welcome wine: 2007 Muscat Canelli.  Yay!


Upon walking outside, a tiered pond with ducks.





wine  Wine, sun, and ducks!



peacock Wine… peacock?



After about 45 minutes of lying on the grass in the sun, we went for a tour of the winery.  The pot o’ gold at the end: more wine tasting.  I went home with a bottle of the Muscat Canelli dessert wine, because I think my sister will enjoy it.  (Plus, it has that uppity bonus of only being available at the winery, not in stores.)


After that, we stopped at a winery across the way that I don’t quite remember because we proceeded to the Red Hook brewery, where we “sampled” two pints of their beer for a dollar and apparently learned something about their production.  I’m not quite clear on that part.


Finally, I will include a little love about kale.  Kale and I, we exist in harmony, especially when spicy Italian sausage and garlic roasted potatoes join the party.  Kale, one day I will grow you myself.



kaleBaby kale, my future dinner. 

T-Minus 5 days and counting until takeoff from Seattle.