i’m sorry mario, the princess is… drunk and in bed with luigi? (fail)

From: More Than a Just a Game: Video Game and Internet Use During Emerging Adulthood by Padilla-Walker, et al.


Interestingly, women who played video games or violent video games also tended to engage in more drinking behaviors, had more sexual partners, had lower self-worth and perceptions of social acceptance, and had lower quality relationships with friends and parents.


Apparently, because I drink beer and play Team Slayer, I’m slutty (obvious negative interpretation of “more sexual partners” a la the article, not myself), have low self-esteem, I hate my parents and my friendships are hollow.  Okay, fine; I’ll just play Little Big Planet by myself, and drink a nice glass of wheat germ supplement.


Regardless of context, however, it appears that […] playing video games places some women at risk for both externalizing and internalizing problems.


Damn it.



p.s.- Tucked away in the conclusion:  “Foremost, the correlational nature of the data precludes causal inferences. While our discussion of the findings often took a causal tone, it was done simply to present possible interpretations and to underscore the need for future work to examine these possibilities.”  Uh huh.


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