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On my way home from work, I heard this gem on NPR, followed by a lovely soundbite of an “expert on health” despairing the high levels of obesity in lower-class neighborhoods.  (Can’t find that one on the site, but I’ll always take a point in the right direction.)


For a long while, NPR has been my lifeblood for keeping up on current events and feeling connected.  Every time NPR fails on this big a scale, I die a little bit inside.


To do a quick re-cap of the story, if you opt not to wade through it: people are getting less fat.  That is obviously because teh fatties have started listening to the FAT-HATING CULTURE THAT ENGULFS THEM and decided to put down the deep fried mars bars.  Women did it first, because they are the “early adopters of healthy behaviors,” i.e.- judged as valuable based only on their physical appearance, and would rather be hungry and deprived than despised.  Children and teens are also less fat, and that is because women are in charge of making their food (because if men prepared food for their own children, the world would implode).


But beware: boys from 6 to 19 are getting fatter.  That’s obviously because of video games.


And, of course, lest we forget to hate the fatties, they are driving up our health care costs with their ridiculous refusal to hate themselves.


Michelle at The Fat Nutritionist has a lovely response to concern trolling poor people for being fat and uneducated, and you should read the rest of the blog as well if you know what’s good for you.

hate, actualized

All we’re saying is, fags should burn in hell.  But golly gee, we didn’t expect you’d take us literally!


Scott Lively, Caleb Lee Brundidge, and Don Schmierer are apparently flabbergasted that their message of hate is on the road to becoming actual legislation.  Schmierer feels “duped,” but by whom?  Why?  Ugandan policymakers are just taking his message and applying a consequence: death.


Melissa McEwan eloquently sums it up better than I:

At best, they colluded with murderous bigots because they were too uninformed, cavalier, daft, hasty, greedy, eager, selfish, irresponsible, ignorant. Too something to understand what the fuck they were doing.

At worst, they colluded with murderous bigots because deep in their hard, dark little hearts, in places they never reveal in press releases, they don’t much care if gay people die, as long as their names aren’t anywhere near the death warrant.

But, as the mother of a good friend of mine recently opined, in response to her brother’s sexist, illogical opinion: “It’s just a philosophy.  Everyone has a different philosophy.”  Too bad “philosophies” full of oppression and hate translate into actual oppression and actual hate toward actual people.