just e3z steps

In starting to blog in earnest, I’m overwhelmed (and stifled) by the number of topics I could address.  (Also by the fact that I’ll actually have to start writing again in order to have a sweet-ass blog.)  There are so many great feminist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-fat-shaming (and generally awesome) blogs out there that I think maybe my nebulous, undisciplined, novice contribution is… well, nebulous and undisciplined.  And n00b-ish.

But, fuck that!  Every story is powerful, and the best place to start is with what you know.  And right now, what I know is:

  1. I like to critique things;
  2. Consuming geek culture as a feminist is difficult sometimes;
  3. Being an active feminist is socially unwise,
  4. Because other folks blame you for being hysterical, instead of culture for being fucking oppressive and ridiculous.

So before I start, I’ll use this post to lay down a bit of background as to why I’m blogging at this moment in my life.  In one phrase: I finally (FINALLY) have “a room of my own,” and I’ve just been rejected from four graduate schools.

As good a place to start as any.


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