got racism?

One of the key components of oppression is marginalization: the dominant culture making entire groups of people feel like their experiences are less than, abnormal, hysterical, or imaginary.

This is illustrated with women all the time: that guy at the cocktail party couldn’t possibly have treated you differently than your male friend, you’re reading into it/looking for things to be angry about/not in control of your own senses.

It happens with racism, too.  And this time, it’s the National Institute of Health.

But March, it’s just milk.  It could apply to anyone who’s lactose intolerant!  How is this possibly racist?

Becaaaaaaause, white people in the United States have a history of violence, theft and genocide against Native Americans, that’s why.  And we’ve found a new way to deny their experiences by proclaiming that those with a lactose intolerance are actually just deluding themselves, because apparently they don’t want to get all the nutrients their body needs.

The money quote:

"The majority of the world’s population, after weaning and gradually over childhood, lose lactose activity," [Dr. Frederick J.] Suchy said. "It’s a normal state. Only those people that are largely from northern European descent have retained lactase and have the ability to ingest and process lactose later in life."

Oh, only the northern European white people can still tolerate dairy when they’re adults!  And since they can, the rest of the world’s population are absolute fucking idiots and hurting themselves on purpose, because they experience very nasty side effects when they try to eat things with lactose in them!  I get it now.

But, y’know, we’re totally not racist.  We’re scientists.


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