that was a stick of butter, not a stick of celery? well, fuck.

The latest theory in DEATHFAT science:

Australian scientists have shown that humans can detect a sixth taste: fat. And it appears that those people who are highly sensitive to the taste of fat tend to eat less of it, and have significantly lower body mass indexes.

In other words, fatties are fat because they can’t taste it, and subsequently gorge themselves on guacamole and handfuls of Crisco.  I love these theories, because of all of the assumptions they operate on:

  • All fat people are sedentary.
  • All fat people eat nothing but Doritos and pizza, in large quantities.
  • No fat people are vegan, or raw foodies, or athletes.
  • All fat people are oblivious to the fact that they’re fat.
  • All fat people are idiots.

My favorite line from the article:

“[People not sensitive to the taste of fat] are over-consuming and this is creating an energy imbalance, which is leading to higher BMI or development of overweight or obesity.”

Is developing overweight like growing sea-monkeys?


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