things that are easier with fa: looking cute

Fatties aren’t supposed to wear shirts with horizontal stripes so I went out and got one HA HA HA.

That was supposed to be the end of this post, but then I got to thinking about my fashion choices before and after Fat Acceptance.  Many other writers are covering the topic of fatshion already (and pleez go partake of their eloquent wisdom!) but I thought I’d throw out a few personal specifics, y’know, for realness purposes.*

According to those closest to me, I am boring.  I don’t go in for patterns (except for, apparently, HORIZONTAL STRIPES), I like jeans, I like black (even my tattoos are black and gray), I wear flat shoes, and I have some kick-ass accessories but only wear them once in a while.

All of that is not so different from when I hated my body, except for 2 crucial things: CUT and QUALITY.

My aesthetic preferences are, no doubt, due in part to my demonization of femininity in favor of being “one of the guys” (which is another topic for another time, and which has also been covered elsewhere), but the plain t-shirt of today and the plain t-shirt of 10 years ago have some differences, which I have conveniently laid out in a table:

This table describes some of the ways my new t-shirts are a way awesomer than my old t-shirts, including babydoll sleeves, scoop necks, and nice fabric.

So what role has FA played in all this?  Well, now I like trying out different styles that highlight my body instead of hiding it.  I also invest in higher-quality stuff because a) I think my body is worth it, and b) I don’t think it will be obsolete in a year because I will somehow miraculously become thin and have to start my wardrobe over from scratch.

I will now meander over to Etsy and drool over the drop earrings with vintage glass beads.

*I have the privilege to purchase brand-name clothing, though usually from discount stores.  (Why the hell would you pay 40 bucks for a t-shirt even if you could, anyway?)  This was not always the case, and is not possible for everyone.  Trying to find current, stylish, cheap fatshion is almost always a nightmare, so there is no reason to police anybody, including fatties, about their wardrobe choices.  So don’t do it!


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