ye olde sanitiz-ed faire

Now is the time of year that I start getting hyped up for the Renaissance Festival.  3 years ago I finally had enough cash to buy a set of garb, and let me tell you, that was one of my favorite baby steps into fat acceptance.  This is odd, because technically a bodice is a way of restricting a woman’s body (and justifying our weakness and tendency toward “hysterics,” because a person can’t breathe properly in that shit).  But I got all courageous and tried that sucker on, and a nice lady-in-waiting laced me up and I went to go look at myself in the mirror and it was awesome AND THEN another lady-in-waiting came up to me and clucked her tongue in disapproval and pulled that sucker down so my decolletage was front and center which was even MORE AWESOME.

So I like Renaissance Festivals.

Which made me lol at Sady’s missive on Menaissance Festivals, especially where the white folks “get off on re-enacting cartoonish imitations of massively oppressive time periods while somehow also always imagining that they would be members of the privileged elite class, and not one of the lowly and downtrodden.

And also this quote from Paul Mooney, via swpd:

“White people like going back in time, which is always a problem for me. I can only go back so far. Any farther and my black ass is in chains.”

I can go back as far as I want and, as long as I’m rich and white, baby, it’s all turkey-legs and jousting from here.  Outside of that you’re fucked, but I know the manly lord that’ll get you into the beirgarten.


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