I have seen variations on this title EVERYWHERE:

Ex-Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick faces deposition in slain stripper lawsuit”

Not a woman, not even a person.  Only a STRIPPER.  Would it happen if the victim were anything other than a sex worker?  “…faces deposition in slain short-order cook lawsuit.”  “…faces deposition in slain customer service representative lawsuit.”  “…faces deposition in slain executive director lawsuit.”

The only reason this could be [MAYBE] justifiably used is if the woman’s occupation meant she somehow wanted to get murdered more, or the way in which she was killed has something to do with her occupation, like: “Weak I-beam at fault in construction worker’s death.”  Even then, I’m squeamish about boiling down a person to their occupation.

This is not new, or even exceptional.  It just happens to be flooding my various inboxes, so I’m holding it up as just one example of the Rape Culture.


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