google d00d-les

So Google, just shy of owning us all, does some neat things.  But today, Google did an annoying thing and I feel it is my civic duty to point it out.

If you travel to Google’s homepage today (in the U.S.), you’ll notice a little sentence below the search bar:

Screenshot of Google's homepage, featuring a regular logo and the sentence, "Celebrating 90 years since the ratification of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing women the right to vote" under the search bar.

This brought to mind a post by Shelby Knox on Feministe – namely, that  “Of 109 innovators, artists, revolutionaries and creators designated important or interesting enough for a doodle, only 8 have been women.”

Apparently, the women’s suffrage movement in the U.S. is not a momentous enough occasion for crafting an actual Google Doodle, perhaps celebrating all of the women that worked long and hard to be recognized as active, contributing members of society, and not property.

I mean, come on, it took about 10 seconds of Google-fu to come up with this list.  Imagine the wealth of knowledge on Wikipedia, or maybe in an actual book.  This is just another example of minimizing women that, while taken by itself may seem insignificant, contributes to the oppressive behemoth that is our patriarchal culture.*

*For more dirt that we angry women use to make mountains out of molehills, see My Fault I’m Female.  It is made of win.

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