are you my mummy?

So, lately my world has been made up of working, sleeping, yoga, my first YMCA visit in who knows how many months, and Doctor Who. Aside from one trip home, during which I got acute DEATH IS IMMINENT food poisoning, that is.

On second thought, I don’t even know if “yoga” and “the YMCA” should be included, because they pale in comparison, time-spent-doing-them-wise, with everything else on that list. Yes. You heard that right. About 2 hours of Doctor Who on the weekdays. Weekends are a break, but I have fallen into the trap of Doctor Who audiobooks at work. And though I can’t stop people standing by my office, RIGHT NEXT TO MY FATCAST FLYERS, and talking about whatever spurious food morality du jour, I can always jam my headphones in my ears and drown it out with David Tennant’s broguey, Doctor Whoish, commentary.

(Last week I finally saw this episode. OMG cute and win.)

Another thing I have been doing is following #dearjohn and the rising campaign to crush the absolute nightmare that is HR3 (here are some great resources.) Oh, and by the way I got a job! WOO! So that means I now have health insurance (PROBABLY DOESN’T COVER ABORTIONS, THO) and a seriously appreciated stability, and perhaps part of my recovery from the last 2 ½ years will be that my brain cells start firing again and I get some ideas that I may want to record via keyboard. No promises. It may just end up being pictures of adipose.


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